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Vee Belts

What Vee drive belt do i need

Solent Tools Ltd offer a full range of Vee Belts which come in a wide range of widths and lengths. Some Vee belts will also have coatings added such as Kevlar to help give heat resistance. To help you identity your V belt we have listed the most common sizes of V belts for you. As you can see certain types of vee belts are very similar. If you are lucky you will have numbers on your old belt. If not then please take a look at our how to measure a drive belt page to give you some help.

Vee Drive Belt Sizes

A SECTION  W = 13MM  h = 8MM 

B SECTION  W = 17MM  h = 11MM 

C SECTION  W = 22MM  h = 14MM

K SECTION  W = 8MM  h = 6MM   

Z SECTION  W = 10MM  h = 6MM

SPA SECTION  W = 13MM  h = 10MM 

SPB SECTION  W = 16MM  h = 13MM 

SPC SECTION  W = 22MM  h = 18MM

SPZ SECTION  W = 10MM  h = 8MM

Special drive belts

Depending on what you need the drive belt for may effect your choice of Vee belt. If you need a belt for a lawn mower you will may decide that a Kevlar coated belt would be a good choice. Alternatively if you need a belt for your lathe and it's the first time in living memory that you can remember changing the drive belt then a standard belt will probably do. Many manufacturers of drive belts add confusion by giving their range of belts complicated trade names and will bore you with a list of their wonderful properties. At Solent Tools we will look at each customers requirement and advise on a suitable drive belt from there. Of course there are times when the belt that you require has been specified by the machines manufacturer. Once we know the brand specified we will research the belt and look for other options that will match your requirements.

Send us a sample

If you are still not sure which type of vee drive belt that you have then you are always welcome to send us a sample and we match your your old belt for you. For more details please check our sending us a sample page.

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