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A Section Vee Belts 13MM X 8MM

Solent Tools Ltd offer a full range of A section Vee Belts which come in a wide range of lengths. . Some A section Vee belts will also have coatings added such as Kevlar to help give heat resistance. On this page we have listed the most common uses of A section Vee belts. The length of an A section Vee belt can be from as little as 12" A12 30cm all the way up to over 200" A200 500cm.

Common uses of A section V belts

W = 13MM
D = 8MM

A section vee belts are probably the most common vee belt you will come across. From a car fan belt to a lawn mower they are used. However depending on the use will depend on the type you require. Solent Tools offer a full range of Kevlar coated A section vee belts for use where a belt is released from driving but may still be in contact with a pulley. The Kevlar protects the belt from heat due to friction. Commonly you would use these belts on self propelled lawn mowers or ride on lawn mowers. You may need what some call a muscle belt which is heavily strengthened to allow a jockey wheel to push against the back of the belt without causing damage. If you have a small drive pulley to go around such as under  4" then it's worth asking about our cogged A section belts. The inside of the belt looks like a toothed belt in many ways and allows the drive belt to go around small pulleys without getting squeezed which can cause cracking after a period of time. If your machine runs with more than one belt sharing the same pulleys then don't forget to let us know so we can make sure we supply same batch numbered drive belts. In fact never only change one belt on a multi belt pulley machine as you will soon find that one of your belts will be slipping and getting damaged from the moment you only fitted one belt. There is also what are known as banded drive belts which are probably the best way to go on a multi belt pulley system if possible. Banded drive belts offer immense drive power while almost guaranteeing that your drive belt cannot slip or roll over during heavy use.  What ever A section vee belt is best for your use Solent Tools can supply.   


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